My First Entry

Lame title, I know.

This website was created when I was searching everywhere online for a website that was not blocked by the school and their wifi administration where I could enter a true scary story for free while being anonymous. I could not find one, so I decided to start one!

If you cannot enter a story anonymously, I will be searching for a website that allows you to. If I find one, I will leave this site up with the current stories and a link to the new site, where I will have the same stories. I will be posting my own story soon, but I want this to work for everyone. So, if you have a story of any type, feel free to share!


Note: If, for some reason, the current set up does not let you be anonymous, please have someone you know who is comfortable doing so contact me, and I will revise the settings. My main concern is that the identity of the authors are 100% anonymous, so PLEASE contact me somehow if this is not the case! This will help not only you, but others who are worried about the same thing.


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