The Girl on Snapchat

This was recited to me by a female (we shall call her “Bella”) in my Gym class. I had just listened to the story “The Russian Sleep Experiment” (I HIGHLY recommend it), so I was asking around to see if anyone had a scary story. When it was Bella’s turn, she began to tell the story of a sleepover she had had with one other girl a few months before. They had been in Bella’s basement, and they found an Ouija Board, so they decided to try it out. They asked if there was anyone present, and who they were. The answer they got was “weska17” confused by this, the girls abandoned the board and went onto Snapchat. On Bella’s Snapchat, there was a picture of a girl in a red dress in a ballet pose, surrounded by candles. The picture was posted by someone named “Alice” seconds previously, about the time when they tossed the Ouija Board to the side. On a whim, Bella decided to log out of her account and log in as Username: Alice, Password: weska17. It worked. The only picture on the account was of the dancing girl. Bella’s friend went home, but sent a text a few hours later telling Bella that the location of the uploading of the picture was Bella’s house.


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