I Watched Myself Hunt Down My Friends

This took place while changing rooms to go to class in 6th grade. It was a small, religious private school that had grades K3 (preschool) to 8th grade. There were maybe 400 kids at the most in the school for the entire year. My grade was the smallest, having less than 25 kids (including me), so we all had the same classes together. We were walking down the hallway to the science room, I was leading everyone so I could get my usual spot next to the turtle, when I stopped for some reason. Then, I am standing in front of myself, watching myself look at the ground. I-the other me-looks up and I (not the one in my body) get very bad vibes and chills flow through my veins. I can only remember a few events during the event, one memory being tackling the gym teacher by leaping on his back, chasing some of the boys in my class/grade through the tunnel that goes between the church and the school, and I remember chasing an 8th grade boy into the gym where he began to swing a blue plastic hockey stick at me. I woke up on the hallway floor where I had stopped at the beginning of the event, and my classmates were cowering behind the teachers, who themselves looked alarmed and were standing further away from me than they would be if they had been trying to wake me up. From a few conversations I had afterwards, I learned that I had apparently pinned some boys to the floor and drooled on them. I barely remember anything, but I do remember leaning over my body’s shoulder as it tried to corner some of the students. I remember running after my body as I was watching myself catch up┬áto fleeing kids, when I’m the slowest in the grade and the other girls can outrun me. This was a religious school that had been built and rebuilt after a few fires. There had always been a school there since the nuns across the street bought the land over 300 years ago. I’m pretty sure this was a possession, but I’m not entirely sure. How could there be a possession in a school attached to a church?


The Russian Sleep Experiment

These are the facts I can remember. If you want more details, you can look at the original story, or if there is enough demand, I will edit this post.


In Germany, American soldiers are held as Prisoners of War. These Americans are offered a deal; their freedom in exchange for willing participation in an experiment. None made it home.

The soldiers were placed in a room filled with a special gas that would effect their sleeping schedule. These soldiers were told to stay awake for thirty days. They were given containers for waste, and newspaper for entertainment. There were tiny holes in the walls for observing the subjects, with microphones near.

The first five days pass without much incident, until on the fifth day, when the subjects began to try and persuade the scientists to let them go early in exchange for information about the other subjects.

Day six, one of the subjects begins to scream until his vocal cords break. No words or sentences accompany the screams, only the noises of a startled, or deeply disturbed man.

Day seven, complete silence in the test chamber. No noise at all.

Day eight, the observation holes are seemingly covered by something with a smell so bad, several scientists threw up upon entering the room where the microphones were.

On the evening of day nine, with no noise or sign that the subjects still lived, a group of armed guards escorted scientists to the sealed entrance of the test chamber. The gas was turned off as the doors opened.

Inside, the room was covered in feces, the newspapers having been shredded and plastered over the observation holes in the walls. One subject was laying dead in the floor, with similar wounds as the others who were sitting, holes in their bodies showing working organs, some having been removed. They each attacked the guards with strength beyond that which a man who had not slept in ten days should have. The entire time, each was screaming and begging for the gas to be turned back on. Once they had finally been restrained with chains, the doctors set to work on the wounds.

After careful examinations, the doctors declare the wounds to be self inflicted. When the contents of their stomachs are examined, the insides seen to be filled with their own flesh.

One subject was shot dead when he attacked in the chamber.

Another died the moment his eyes closed after being pumped with three times the amount of sleeping gas it would to kill a large farm animal.

The one with snapped vocal cords died on the operating table after writing “Keep Cutting” on a pad of paper he had been given.

The last subject managed to break out of his bonds, and kill the remaining guards and scientists, but one. The last scientist, pointing a gun at the crazed man’s chest, cries “What are you?!” The last subject calmly responds with “We are the most primal instincts of man, the creatures in the dark that you fear, the beast that comes.” The scientist then shoots him.